[EDIT]ION - Volume 4

[EDIT]ION - Volume 4

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Welcome to the fourth [EDIT] bi-weekly boost.

Stories, thoughts and opinions to inspire you in these unique times and to enjoy between issues of the original, award-winning print magazine.
Twice a month, the editors of [EDIT] deliver you news stories, opinion pieces, current affairs, Atlantic-minded essays and arts curation, community messaging, positive tales and sharp commentaries to readers around the world as we continue to curate the very best in media, literature and culture.
The same quality journalism and world-class photography that you expect from [EDIT], but all unique content exclusive to the [EDIT]ION.

Cover photograph by Lindsay Vautour.
Cover photograph by Ronnie Davis.


Featured in the fourth issue below are:
  • James Mullinger on the Rise of Live Drive-In Events Globally
  • Literary Editor Alexandra Fournier on Anti-Racism Literature
  • ANBL on What's In Your Glass?
  • An Open Letter by Lily Lynch
  • Nova Scotia's Dormie Workshop
  • Jennifer Wood on The Beaches of Atlantic Canada
  • Is Canadian Politics Is Boring the Funniest Podcast in the Country Right Now? 
  • The Unique Charm of Garden Grove Cafe: Jennifer Wood Meets Jessica Newhouse
  • James Mullinger Interviews Atlantic Books Today's Alex Liot

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