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Cover Story: Jessica Rhaye by Jennifer Wood

Cover photograph by Caitlin Griffiths

Also in this issue:

  • Seaforth Arcade designed by Nicholson Ceretti Architecture
  • Summerville Art Festival by James Mullinger
  • East Coast Lifestyle: A Film by Adam Lordon & Tyler Warren Ellis
  • New Column: Colleen Landry's Adventures - The Battery, Newfoundland and Labrador

by Jennifer Wood
Photographs by Jordan Mattie

[EDIT]ION favourites Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade are part of the stellar line up at Area 506’s first-ever Boxcar Country Music Festival. This uniquely special celebration of some of the country’s leading country artists takes place this Friday and Saturday evening, July 28th and 29th at the container village on Uptown Saint John's waterfront. 

Sunshine Baby is Jessica Rhaye’s second album with The Ramshackle Parade and the New Brunswick-based singer songwriter has once again expanded her impressive reach as a lyricist and vocalist, with a set of alternately personal and observational songs that manage to be simultaneously intimate and cinematic in scope. 

It is a truly beautiful album that will appeal to long term fans and newcomers alike. The band's fans are plentiful right now since their cover of Bob Dylan's Blowin' In The Wind hit an impressive 12 million views on YouTube. The video was filmed and edited by the magnificent filmmaker and photographer Jordan Mattie, who captured the band performing in and around Saint John, showcasing the beauty of the city to millions worldwide. This weekend's show is sure to be a homecoming gig like no other. 

“The boys in The Ramshackle Parade and I are looking forward to hitting the Boxcar Festival stage,” Jessica shared exclusively with [EDIT]ION. “We plan to test out some of the new material from our new album Sunshine Baby as we prepare for our fall tour starting at the end of September.” 

And sure enough, you can read all about their long awaited new tour in the fall volume of [EDIT] magazine.

Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade are set to hit the stage Friday evening at 4:15pm. In addition to the ticketed evening shows featuring the magnificent and much loved Shawn Richard, Dean Brody, The James Barker Band, Madeline Merlo, Sacha, the team at AREA 506 is thrilled to offer a weekend of free, family-friendly programming in the Waterfront Container Village — learn to lasso, knot-tying and line-dancing workshops are just the beginning.

Passes start at just $89 - grab yours now at boxcarfest.ca

Nicholson Ceretti Architecture Create a Paradise for Pinball Collectors

 Photographs: Darren Calabrese & Julian Parkinson

Nicholson Ceretti Architecture was founded by architect, musician, and visual artist Glen Nicholson in May 2019 and was quickly lauded as one of the newest and most exciting multidisciplinary architectural firms in Atlantic Canada. They are behind some of our most eagerly awaited projects in the region - most notably for Team [EDIT], a tea room on the South Shore’s glorious Summerville Beach.

Unquestionably one of the coolest is the brand new Seaforth Arcade in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A testament to the transformative power of architecture, this dwelling embraces vernacular building principles, honoring the local context while accommodating the unique passions of, you guessed it, vintage pinball collectors! Nothing about the stunning exterior reveals what lies within – a veritable museum of classic pinball machines such as Tales From the Crypt, Lethal Weapon 3, Cyclone, Halloween, Elvira and Britain’s greatest ever metal band Iron Maiden.

Nicholson shared that: “The dwelling’s pure form is emphasized by horizontal painted black wood siding, lapped ‘four fingers to the wind’, contributes to the elegance of the gabled roof. Contrasting cedar-clad entry stairs provide a warm, aromatic, and contrasting welcome. Aluminum composite panels add a playful touch, completing the composition of large black windows on the front façade. Locally fabricated black standing-seam is employed on the building’s east façade and roof, imparting both durability and sophistication. The rigorous spatial organization of Seaforth Arcade is emphasized by a white oak wrapped service core immediately apparent as one enters the ‘bump out’. Rift white oak ‘false’ paneling conceals the powder room and closets near the front entry, ensuring an uninterrupted visual flow. A continuous ribbon of laminated oak panels, supported by custom black steel standoffs, serves as a stair guardrail, elegantly connecting each level. The basement level cleverly uses the existing foundation of a small post-war home from Halifax’s west end, elevating it to create a new space for vintage arcade collecting.”

In short, this is a marvel inside and out. Seaforth Arcade exemplifies the potential of critical regionalism, seamlessly integrating local traditions with the passions of its inhabitants. Through minimalist detailing and a wood-wrapped service core, the architects have achieved a rigorous spatial organization that transcends functionality. This dwelling is not merely a home for vintage pinball collectors but a responsible contribution to the city’s urban fabric. It respects the spirit of Halifax’s architectural heritage while providing a haven for its occupants to indulge in their passion and find inspiration. Nicholson Ceretti Architecture are the firm to watch. Follow Glen Nicholson on Instagram here.



by James Mullinger

The third annual festival takes place in the beautiful community of Summerville on the Kingston Peninsula from 14th to 19th August. A lively and interactive experience for art lovers of all ages, featuring live music, food vendors, workshops and artist talks, the festival attracts over 1,500 art enthusiasts from across the region. A dynamic celebration of art, culture, and community that brings together emerging talents and established artists from all over Canada.

The festival provides an excellent opportunity to discover new artists, explore diverse art forms, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Summerville.

Highlights include an appearance by the much loved painter Ed Coleman, live painting with Judith Baxter, an introduction to encaustic painting (creating art using beeswax!) with Angela Lane, Doris Calder and Gail Kelley sharing tales of life on the Kingston Peninsula in the early 1900’s, a felting workshop with Josée Hurteau, Ottawa-based artist Christopher Griffin on the Intersection of Graffiti and Art, Alice Luu on using AI as a generative art tool, a stone carving demonstration with master of the artform Phil Savage, afternoon tea with Louise Scott and The Cloud Factory Exhibit with Chris Donovan and so much more!

Organizer Cindy Scott has once again pulled off something really remarkable in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Immerse yourself in the world of some of Canada’s most admired artists in the Peninsula paradise. 

Cindy tells [EDIT]ION: “The Summerville Art Festival 2023 has expanded from a one-day event to a one-week artistic celebration! We are thrilled to welcome artists from across Canada to join us for this special occasion. We're offering a week filled with workshops, engaging artist talks, and unprecedented art exhibits. This year, Summerville will truly celebrate its artistic heritage!”



James Mullinger interviewed Alex MacLean for Volume 24 of the magazine and we are now delighted to share this exclusive film produced by Edit Media and Tyler Warren Ellis and directed by Alan Lordon. We upload a brand new film to this channel every month, so please do be sure to subscribe to the channel here. It’s free!

Alex MacLean is the man behind one of Atlantic Canada’s most iconic brands. The founder and chief executive officer of East Coast Lifestyle has become one of the most well known and acclaimed entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. Founded in 2013 as an entrepreneurship project at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, East Coast Lifestyle has grown consistently and rapidly in the 10 years since. What started with 30 hoodies has become one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands in the country, now including a full apparel line, hockey and fitness gear, alcoholic beverages and potato chips. MacLean has been the CEO since day one, and he and the company have fostered a loyal following at home, across the country and around the world, earning celebrity fans like Sidney Crosby and Ed Sheeran.

Produced by Edit Media in conjunction with the
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce
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I’m not much for thrill-seeking but recently, I inadvertently found myself on a white-knuckle excursion—a drive on Outer Battery Road in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The narrow road weaves through The Battery, a quaint and tiny neighbourhood within St. John’s which is known for its colourful houses, dizzyingly steep slopes and dreamy views. The Crayola-inspired homes are literally built into Signal Hill. Imagine being able to just walk out your back door and hop onto The North Head Trail; in fact, the trail entrance is accessed from a homeowner’s front deck! How’s that for hospitable?

On a recent trip to Newfoundland for our son’s graduation, he drove me and his father through the winding outport to show us where he’d previously lived in the charming, tight-knit neighbourhood—I was terrified. With the precision and fearlessness of someone who’d done it a time or two, he whipped around the hairpin turns without a care in the world, “Big blind hill here. Pretty sure nothing’s coming.” “Pretty sure??” I asked as I clutched my rosary beads in the back seat. With every twist in the road, it looked like we were going to plummet into the harbour. Since the single-lane road barely fits a small car, when two cars meet it becomes a game of ‘Uncle’ wherein one driver eventually gives in and reverses until finding a scarce parking spot to eke into. Even local cab drivers have been known to shake their heads and abort their mission.

The Battery is unique, unforgettable and appears to defy Physics. It’s an idyllic spot with friendly neighbours, world-class hiking trails and spectacular views. It would be cool to live there but the first thing I would do is sell my car. I’d have the courage to hike Signal Hill but never to drive through Outer Battery Road.


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