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Cover Story: Body Worlds Vital - Global Exhibition Hits Halifax, Nova Scotia by Jennifer Wood

Also in this issue:

  • Sgt. Craig Marshall Smith on Maritimes Black History by Jennifer Wood
  • Abbiocco Restaurant in Charlottetown: An Exclusive Film by David Gainforth
  • Fredericton's Gallery on Queen: James Mullinger meets Nadia Khoury. Photographs by Michael Khoury

On display at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, Nova Scotia until April 30th, 2023, Body Worlds Vital is a revolutionary exhibition offering an amazing opportunity to understand our anatomy and our health, and aims to inspire visitors to live consciously, to pay more attention to their well-being, to recognize their physical potential and limitations, and to reflect on what it means to be human.

This awe-inspiring exhibition that has been a phenomenal success around the world (this year alone it has wowed sold out crowds in Germany, Poland and Italy) educates visitors about anatomy, physiology and health through a series of whole bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices. Displays present the most current information about common diseases, the effects of tobacco use, and the mechanics of artificial body parts. By juxtaposing healthy and diseased organs, the exhibition also encourages healthy lifestyle choices.

Body Worlds Halifax Nova Scotia

“In 2018 the Museum hosted Body Worlds Rx, which has been the most popular exhibit in the Museum’s history," Museum Manager, Jeff Gray tells [EDIT]ION. “When the opportunity to host an even larger Body Worlds exhibit, we knew we wanted to bring this to Halifax. The human body is fascinating and the opportunity to learn about living a healthy life is so important, we couldn’t be more proud to host this exhibit.”

Bodies donated to Body Worlds are preserved through a ground-breaking process called plastination. Invented by scientist Gunther von Hagens, plastination halts decomposition and preserves anatomical specimens for educational purposes.

Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds is the original anatomical exhibition series. It displays authentic human bodies, willed by donors and preserved through plastination

Body Worlds Halifax

Nova Scotia’s Museum of Natural History is open Monday-Friday 9 am – 4 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 6 pm. Visit their website for more information about this groundbreaking exhibit. 



 Sgt. Craig Marshall Smith on Maritimes Black History

[EDIT]ION's Jennifer Wood meets the author of the Ultimate African Heritage Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition

Sgt. Craig Marshall Smith on Penning Fast Facts Trivia about Maritime Black Collective History

Sergeant Craig Marshall Smith, MOM (Member of the Order of Merit) is a Halifax born and raised writer, author, historian and a sergeant with the RCMP.  Smith began his policing career in Yarmouth on March of 1997. Now in his 26th year, Craig has tried to infuse the tenants of community development with community policing into his work. He has served in several capacities during his policing career as well as several community-based boards and committees at the local, provincial and federal government. In 2009, following a racial incident in Digby, Craig created the African Nova Scotian Cultural Competency Course. In 2018, Craig assembled four other African Nova Scotian employees to expand his one-day course into a five-day African Canadian Experience Workshop (ACE). Last year the workshop was recognized as a best practice by the federal department of Canadian Heritage and presently, it has become a national priority to deliver this workshop to employees nationally.

Craig is now heading a four-person unit that is responsible for delivering this workshop across the country. Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, he and two other members began to reach out across the country as a means of creating support and a platform for discussion surrounding the affects of Floyd’s death on African Canadian RCMP employees. As a result, the national Racial Diversity Employees Network (RDEN) was created. This network of employees provided encouragement to senior management in Ottawa surrounding the issuing of a statement by the RCMP denouncing police brutality and the death of George Floyd and acknowledging that there was systemic racism in the RCMP.

Craig is a former President of the Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia and has written extensively on African–Canadian history and achievement, several of which have been adopted in the NS school curriculum. His awards are too far to mention but include Craig a Harry Jerome Award; the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012, the Police Order of Merit in 2015, and the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medal in 2022.

He is the author of five booksJourney: An African Canadian Educational Resource, You Had Better Be White by Six A.M. – The African Canadian Experience in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Ultimate African Heritage Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition,The Journey Continues: An Atlantic Canadian Black Experience and HerStory – The African-Canadian Female Experience in the RCMP. 

[EDIT]ION's Jennifer Wood caught up with Sergeant Craig Marshall Smith to learn more about the evolution of his career and what inspired him to write The African Heritage Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition. The book is teeming with fast facts and  tests readers’ knowledge of the many notable people, places, and events that have shaped African culture in the Maritimes.

[EDIT]ION: Can you tell us about the early days of your career and how you became involved with Black history studies?

SGT. CRAIG MARSHALL SMITH: I began my full-time adult work life at the North Branch Library in 1980 fresh out of Queen Elizabeth High School. Four years later, through the efforts and vision of the late Terry Symonds, Black History Month at the library was born. I have been involved in Black history since then, collecting and chronicling our achievements.

Prior to joining the RCMP, I had worked for the library, drove a bus for Metro Transit and ran the Community YMCA. All along that journey I have been writing. I have written five books and in a few months, I will be releasing Black Atlantic Canadians Appointed to the Order - For Outstanding Contributions to your Province and Country. It will highlight the Black recipients of the Order of Canada, and the Orders of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

[EDIT]ION: What inspired you to write The Ultimate African Trivia Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition?

CRAIG: I was originally approached by Nimbus Publishing in 2007. They felt that the interest was high and that educators were looking for something. Nimbus felt that the interest was high and that educators were looking for something engaging for their students. They had approached the library with the idea, and the library pointed them in my direction. They asked if I could come up with 250 questions on Atlantic Canadian Black history.  They told me I could decide what pictures I wanted to use in the book and the layout and design. The original was released in 2008. Ten years later, they came to reprint the book based on the public interest and I agreed providing I could add more questions and so now the book has over 300 questions. 

[EDIT]ION: What trivia do you think readers would be most surprised to learn?

CRAIG:  The fact the George Dixon was the 1st Black person to win a world title in any sport shocks people. Also Black people were skating and playing hockey as far back as 1895 here in Nova Scotia, and Black people had to protest to serve in the Canadian Military at the start of WWI. Also, racism and a segregated existence was the norm for Nova Scotia and that many of the accomplishments were achieved with that backdrop, makes them all the more amazing. 

It is also important to note that people are surprised to learn about the Black history that exists within the other Atlantic provinces. Our presence here in Nova Scotia is known to a degree, but Black history in the other provinces has not had the same exposure. The Ultimate African Heritage Trivia Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition is the first book of Atlantic Canadian Black history trivia. The same can me said for my book, The Journey Continues - An Atlantic Canadian Black Experience. No one had compiled or included our history together as one collective narrative, before this book. Which was created as a grade 8 social studies classroom resource in partnership with the Nova Scotia Deptartment of Education. 

[EDIT]ION: Can you tell us about the reception of the book and your readership?

CRAIG: This book was born out of the two-quiz contest that began at the North Branch Library. There was a youth quiz, and an adult celebrity quiz. Both were extremely popular with standing room only on the night of the adult quiz. David Woods began both, and later I became the host of the adult quiz. 

In addition to people who purchase the book, all of my books are used in Nova Scotia classrooms, but they are just as much for public consumption.  The questions will always be relevant as they are part of our collective history.

The Ultimate African Heritage Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition Sgt. Craig Marshall Smith on Penning Fast Facts Trivia about Maritime Black Collective History

The Ultimate African Heritage Quiz Book – Maritimes Edition can be purchased at The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia, Carrefour Atlantic Emporium or at nimbus.ca

 Abbiocco - Restaurant - Charlottetown

A new Italian Sensation Adds Culinary Clout to Canada’s Food Island: A Film from Edit Media, directed by David Gainforth at Creative Rise

Everything about Abbiocco restaurant, a new, modern Italian hot spot in the downtown core of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is as unique and inspiring as its name. The cuisine, service and hip atmosphere are so delightful that patrons are still thinking about their experience for days following their visit. It is proudly one of the first authentic Italian restaurants on the island. 

Abbiocco Restaurant Charlottetown PEI

The kitchen is led by Executive Chef Alyssa Dignard and Head Chef Shakeel Akhtar, and the love and attention that these chefs and their team put into their food can be tasted in every bite. 

Chef Alyssa is from Ottawa and moved to PEI in 2010. Classically trained in French cuisine, she loves to learn about other cultures and their foods, primarily Italian and Korean. Head Chef Shakeel Akhtar graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada and has worked all over Canada over the last 15 years, including for extended stints with The Barrington Steakhouse in Halifax and Joe Beef in Montreal. General Manager Dylan McIntyre was born and raised in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, moving to PEI five years ago after honing his love of food and wine while working at Garlic’s of London (Ontario).


Click here to watch exclusive film produced by Edit Media and directed by David Gainforth at Creative Rise. And click here to read Jennifer Wood's feature in both English and French. Translation by Natalie Pavey at NP Translations.

Abbiocoo Restaurant PEI


James Mullinger meets Nadia Khoury
Photographs by Michael Khoury   

Gallery on Queen Fredericton art  Works by Margaux Khoury and Janice Wright Chenney at Gallery On Queen

Gallery on Queen is one of the most exciting and beloved art galleries in Atlantic Canada. Located in a modern space in Fredericton's historic downtown, it houses a fantastic collection of work from artists across Canada. Situated one block away from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, they represent both emerging and established artists.

Owner Nadia Khoury believes in an affordable and accessible approach to collecting art and that everyone should be able to own an original work of art. Gallery on Queen is a significant resource for both novice art buyers and seasoned collectors.

Nadia has extensive experience working at the management level in the non-profit sector. She is passionate about promoting arts, culture and social action causes in Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick's arts and culture sector has always been the cornerstone of her endeavours. For the past thirty years, she has been devoting her time and energy to the arts. She was on the Executive Committee for the Cultural Human Resources Council of New Brunswick “Culture Plus” and Past chair of the NB Foundation for the arts. She has chaired and is co-chairing fundraising galas for many non-profit organization including the Beaverbrook Art Gallery on a continuous basis. 

She has a keen eye for raw talent and believes that if an artist is well represented, their work will only enrich the culture of the province. She envisions a place where people could buy original pieces of art at affordable prices. Her dream is to establish an innovative art gallery dedicated to making original art accessible and affordable, while providing a forum for artists to show their work in a public forum through a non-traditional gallery environment. 

[EDIT]ION’s James Mullinger met with Nadia to learn more.

[EDIT]ION: You have been a highly respected art dealer for many decades. What prompted you to open Gallery on Queen?
Nadia Khoury: I have worn many hats over the past 40 years working in Arts and Culture in New Brunswick. My professional experience includes being an Art Dealer, an Art Consultant, and in the past an active chair for gala Events at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and past Chair and board of the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts and board member for 11 years, a board member of Culture Plus and helped with fundraiser events for Jeunesse Musical and many other organizations including nine years on the board of the Fredericton Botanic garden. I’m grateful to have been close friends with influential curators, art lovers and artists over the years including Molly Lamb Bobak, Bruno Bobak, and Freeman Patterson and a lot of well-known artists from Quebec through the Montreal art scene during the years when my husband’s work was represented by Kastel Gallery in Westmount; I have seen all sides of the art world.

[EDIT]ION: You are well known for supporting local as well as international art. How do you choose artists for the gallery?
Nadia Khoury:
It’s not what most people think.  I don't look at unsolicited emails or portfolios as I'm only one person. It's logistically impossible to work with every artist that catches my eye. The truth is, a gallerist must know their audience and community. If I see an artist who I feel would work well with us in a professional sense and whose work can engage with our community in a positive way, I will try working with them and see how things develop. The art/dealer relationship is as complex as any other relationship. You must be able to adapt to every individual and pinpoint who is right for the gallery and its community. 

[EDIT]ION: Where did your love of art come from?
Nadia Khoury: It comes from many areas of my life experiences and influences. I come from a creative family and culture. I owned three High end, fashion clothing stores with my husband for 20 years before he pivoted to painting professionally. My youngest daughter is a professional artist and Art teacher at Guelph University, my son is a musician and a cabinetmaker. My oldest daughter is a budding painter and ceramist. For us, art is as essential as the air we breathe.

[EDIT]ION: I know this is impossible but who are your favourite Canadian artists?
Nadia Khoury: You’re right, it is impossible to answer as it can change daily. Some current favourites are the late Pegi Nicol Macleod, Annie Pootoogook, and Prudence Howard. While we should always support local artists, it is crucial that people also seek out what's happening outside the region. The only way to appreciate and understand local art is if we examine it in relation to other historical perspectives outside of Canada.

Largest collection of works in Canada by the iconic Master Carver Ned Bear 

[EDIT]ION: Who are some up and coming talents you would recommend?
Nadia Khoury: Talent is a matter of opinion. I urge everyone to pay attention to both public galleries/museums as well as artist-run centres and organizations that focus on under-represented artists. That is where artists are still taking big risks without the influence of any institution or curator. A great resource to find these spaces is https://directory.arca.art/

[EDIT]ION: What do you have coming up in 2023?
Nadia Khoury: In the next few years, our focus is to expose our local talent to eyes outside of the province. Our next event is the New Brunswick Black Artists Alliance member's show during Black history month and our annual celebration of artists from the Wabanaki in June. Our usual pride celebrations resume in August and many other exhibitions in between. The community can follow our Instagram for the latest upcoming programming. 

Gallery On Queen, 406 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB       www.galleryonqueen.com          

I acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Malisee) Mi’kmaq Peoples.                                                                                  

Je reconnais que la terre sur laquelle nous nous réunissons est le territoire traditionnel non cédé des peuples Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) et Mi'kmaq.  


Atlantica - Hotel - Halifax




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