Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad

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James Mullinger heads to Antigonish, Nova Scotia to meet Tareq Hadhad, the founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate. He has inspired people throughout the world, as a Syrian-Canadian entrepreneur and public speaker. His family came to Antigonish in 2012 after their home and chocolate factory in Syria were bombed.

Tareq was studying medicine in Syria, but after finding out his qualifications didn’t transfer over to Canada, he decided to rebuild his family business. Their story has become a beacon of light, notably shared by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his 2016 United Nations Speech. Their company has grown to have their products on the shelves of Sobeys and retailers across Canada, and they now have a beautiful boutique in downtown Halifax as part of the Queens Marque development.

Tareq continues to share his story at conferences and events across the globe and a big budget movie about his family is soon to be released. James meets Tareq in the place he now calls home, that has welcomed him in with open arms. 

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