Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

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On his very first day as a Canadian citizen, Mullinger meets one of Canada’s all time greats… Mr. Rick Mercer! 

Rick Mercer has been the voice of Canada for decades, but now he finally shares the inside story of his rise to success in a brand new book, Talking To Canadians, and it is every bit as fascinating, nuanced, hilarious, eye opening, though provoking as his much lauded television work.

Unlike many in the entertainment industry, Mercer’s success came early. At 21 he garnered national recognition when his first solo show, Rick Mercer: Show Me the Button: I’ll Push It (Or Charles Lynch Must Die) was presented at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre and in this very special episode of Mullinger Meets Canadians, Rick shares the inside story of how he rose to fame thanks to the marketing genius of Mercer’s long-time business partner and spouse, television producer Gerald Lunz.

Just two years later Rick began working alongside fellow Newfoundlanders Cathy Jones, Mary Walsh and Greg Thomey to create political satire program This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It was here that Mercer’s knack to change direction quickly demonstrated itself when he devised the insanely successful segment Talking to Americans.  After eight years with 22 Minutes he decided to part ways with the show to focus on his situational comedy Made in Canada, which aired for its planned five-year, 65-episode run and Rick reveals to Mullinger the real reason why the show has all but disappeared. 

He then went on tour before launching the Rick Mercer Report, a show designed around his passion for what he knows, loves and does best: political satire, shining a spotlight on Canada and its people, and ranting. Among countless other awards the Middle Cove, Newfoundland native has received 25 Gemini Awards and nine honorary degrees from Canadian universities. He was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada for his “ability to inspire and challenge Canadians through humour.” 

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