Nancy Regan

Nancy Regan

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Nancy Regan is a bona fide Atlantic Canadian icon and a legend. A journalist, news anchor, and television personality best known for her fifteen-year tenure as host of CTV’s Live At 5, which at its peak was bringing in 350,000 viewers every night. 
She also served as the national host of CTV’s Good Morning Canada and That News Show, and has interviewed some of the most famous people on the planet—including Oprah, Madonna, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford. Nancy is also an actor, having appeared on stage at Halifax’s gorgeous Neptune Theatre, and in TV and film productions such as Haven, Trailer Park Boys, and Reversible Errors. 

In her new book "From Showing Off to Showing Up: An Impostor's Journey from Perfect to Present", Nancy gives a behind-the-scenes account of her experience hosting a TV show  while studiously concealing fear, insecurity, and self-doubt. 
She is also the host of two hit podcasts - Canadian Love Map and The Soul Booth. 
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