Keely Wallace

Keely Wallace

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Keely Wallace is the director of Nova Scotia’s Community Haul, one of the most inspiring and uplifting business success stories of the past 18 months.
When COVID hit and community halls were not able to host events to promote local businesses, Keely launched Community Haul to create a safe and fun way to support the small business community.

Community Haul, partnered with Symplicity Designs to launch a subscription box devoted to celebrating Nova Scotia business owners and help reboot the regional economy. Supporters were asked to pledge their community support with a subscription, and in doing so they kept the lights on for dozens of small businesses during this economically stressful time. What's more, every box sold raised money for the IWK Foundation to provide care for the women and children in the Maritimes.

Keely grew up in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, studied at UNB Fredericton, worked for the IWK Foundation for five years before launching Community Haul. Under Keely’s leadership, Nova Scotia’s Community Haul has been a huge success – in just 12 months they have delivered over 6000 subscription boxes, raised over $30,000 for the IWK Foundation and supported more than 70 local businesses.

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