Emily Higgins

Emily Higgins

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Emily Higgins is a marine biologist and science communicator who has dedicated her academic career to evaluating the conservation success of artificial reefs. 

She is the Director of Ocean Science and for more than half a decade she has been leading international research teams and consulting on best practices for the use of artificial reefs in marine restoration projects in tropical and temperate regions.

Recently, Emily found that IntelliReefs can increase the biodiversity of reef organisms on Caribbean coral reefs and provide refuges to important fish and invertebrate species on degraded reefs. In her science communication work, she uses visual storytelling to empower conservation initiatives for partners of IntelliReefs and Reef Life Foundation.

She is a marine biologist, conservationist, researcher, science communicator, diver, educator, coral reef ecologist, science communicator, & environmental storyteller. We can all learn a lot from Emily Higgins.

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