Doug Jones

Doug Jones

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Mullinger meets Doug Jones, the founder and CEO of Ignite Labs proudly based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Doug is an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur with over 20-years’ experience in product design and business development working with global sports companies such as Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Toronto Blue Jays, Phil Simms Quarterback Camps, Pro Performance Sports and many more. 

But in 2018, Doug founded Ignite Labs and has been leading the organization to develop a start up and innovation ecosystem in rural Nova Scotia. A real game changer for the region, Ignite helps rural communities innovate by providing access to technology, resources, and mentorship for start ups and proves that you don’t need to be in a big city to think big and deliver big.

Open to any industry or sector, Ignite helps make ideas become reality and Doug is currently helping the growth of over 30 companies in including a film production company, an independent game studio, a sports brand, catering firm and even a British boutique.

By providing structure, mentoring and partnerships for new companies to operate in a lean start up environment outside of the traditional corporate world, Ignite Labs are making a real difference and Doug shares the secrets of his success.

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