Diani Blanco

Diani Blanco

Mullinger meets community legend Diani Blanco, who has triumphed over much adversity and become a hugely respected keynote speaker, activist, philanthropist, the CEO and founder of Infyno Group, host of an acclaimed podcast and single mother of two beautiful children.

Born in Dominican Republic, Diani Blanco moved to New Brunswick at the age of 10. She spent much of her early years feeling out of place. From being bullied in school and suffering physical abuse at home, Diani became suicidal in her early teens. At 15 years old, she was permanently placed in the foster care system and during this time, she was also in an abusive relationship. Diani was determined to change her life around after becoming a mother at 19 years old.

At 23 years old, Diani created Infyno Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to help teenagers who are going through dating abuse. She traveled to high schools across New Brunswick as an inspirational speaker and shared her story to educate teens and encourage them to speak up.

After losing everything in a fire in August in 2019 and having nowhere else to go with her two kids, she felt defeated and became depressed. But like a true leader, she rose up and a few months later co-founded the Queens of Heart organization in the early days of the global pandemic to offer food and support to single parents, to ensure that no family is left behind.

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