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Mullinger heads to Enfield, Nova Scotia to meet iconic East Coast hip hop artist and record producer, Luke Boyd, better known by his stage name, Classified.
He shot to stardom over 20 years ago and has since collaborated with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Buck 65, Ria Mae to David Myles. He has also racked up an incredible number of Juno awards, Much Music Video Awards, and ECMA’s for his incredible talent and earned dozens of platinum and gold records. Despite the colossal success of his music, he has always remained close to his lifelong friends and living in the East Coast. Born and raised in small town Nova Scotia, he is a perfect representation of just how much an Atlantic Canadian can achieve on an international scale.

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Twitter: @jamesmullinger @themaritimeedit @Classified
Instagram: @jamesmullinger @themaritimeedit @ClassifiedHipHop
Facebook: @JamesMullingerComedian @Classified

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