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Volume 19 Winter 2021/2022

Volume 19 Winter 2021/2022

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Launched in June 2017, [EDIT] is a premium media company that showcases all that Atlantic Canada has to offer; a high-quality of life, a thriving entrepreneurial and business community, a flourishing natural environment, and a perfect place to live and raise a family. Our various media platforms successfully highlight the region and the people within, reaching audiences globally.

We create original content, tell insightful stories, interview well-known and emerging individuals and show the unique perspective of Atlantic Canada. Published quarterly, the print issues are bookish, beautifully printed and collected to be displayed on coffee tables and bookshelves.


COVER STORY: Muir Hotel by Jennifer Wood. Photographs by Brandon Barre.

  • Wabanaki Maple - James Mullinger meets Jolene Laskey
  • Anna Isaacs by Heather MacLean Reid Photographs by Scott Munn
  • The Eating Game by Sarah Butland
  • Crafting Pristine - Morgan Leet meets Matt Shields and Harrison Teed Photographs by Andrew Finlay
  • The Return of Ken Tobias by Cherise Letson Photographs by Sean McGrath
  • The Art of Letitia Fraser by Jennifer Wood
  • Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth by Morgan Leet Photographs by Tyler Warren Ellis
  • Morgan Leet meets Alexandra Rose Vance Photographs by Ian Selig
  • Justin Shaw on East Coast Music Outside The Kitchen Party
  • How Santa Came To New Brunswick by David Goss
  • Autism is a Gift by Katherine Cairns
  • Comic Shorts: The Innovators – An Illustrated History by Brandon Hicks
  • Plus, Andrew Nickerson meets actress Mareya Salazar, the essential gifts of the season and Kendra McAllister on her mentor, Barenaked Ladies alum Andy Creeggan.


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