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Cover Story: Cellar Grove - Rothesay's New Wine Bar
by Heather MacLean Reid

Also in this issue:

  • A Tribute to Ron Hynes by Jennifer Wood
  • The Invictus Games by Sharon Peabody
  • Dara Ó Briain on tour by Jennifer Wood
  • Salt + Ash Beach House: An Edit Media Film by Unbound Media
  • Column: Colleen Landry's Adventures - Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

by Heather MacLean Reid

Garden Grove Café in Rothesay, New Brunswick is one of our favourite places to meet, celebrate and host clients. A short walk from [EDIT] HQ, you can often find one of our team interviewing a subject, designing a feature or celebrating a new win in this gloriously stunning licensed café.

Originally built in 1850 as a gardener’s cottage by D.D. Robertson as part of his estate, the property was formerly a store (part of which was also formerly a cobbler’s shop) owned by Ethel Starr that lent books and sold delicate hand- knits, toys, cards, preserves and baking throughout the 1950’s. When Mrs. Starr closed her store in 1959, the building took on new life as a treasured home for many families throughout the years. Ask someone from the area and they’re sure to know the name of a family who has lived here before – its roots and heritage run deep.

In 2017, the building was purchased by Jeff and Brittany Kitchen to bring their respective businesses, Jeff Kitchen Real Estate and Vantage Build, under one roof. As plans for the heritage renovation got underway, the Kitchens wanted a way to reconnect the property once again to the Town of Rothesay – their home, and an area with a growing, bustling community. The idea for a licensed café that would be a center for conversation and commune over high-quality drinks and food quickly took hold. They approached their longtime friend and hospitality-industry expert Jessica Newhouse to partner with them, and together they founded Garden Grove Café.

And filling the gap for a carefully curated and luxuriously intimate wine bar in the valley, this dynamic team just announced extended opening hours for the launch of Cellar Grove Wine Bar. Nestled beside the Rothesay Commons and one of the region’s most cherished churches St. Paul’s Rothesay, this is a uniquely special experience with champagne available by the glass.

Boasting later hours in the evening to enjoy a glass of wine from their thoughtfully selected wine list and share snacks from a bar menu with delicious options for everyone. Starting at 4:30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the bright and cheerful café transforms into a dimmed, dreamy wine bar where the hustle and bustle of the day slows down to savour the company of friends, food, and exceptional wine. 

The varied wine offering is from the ÉXPERIENCE collection by ANBL – a curated portfolio of wines, including limited batches, vintages and highly sought-after products from specialized producers. Proudly offering wines and bubbles for every palette and budget, paired with small bites made with thoughtful ingredients such as garlic flatbread with a family recipe of a house made donair sauce, plentiful charcuterie board with preserves, prosciutto pie topped by garden tomatoes and other New Brunswick companies they love including Covered Bridge Chips and Crosby’s Molasses.

Cellar Grove also offer cider, craft and domestic beers, and refreshing beverages without alcohol to enjoy such as Libra Non-Alcoholic Beer and Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero.

Whether you sit inside surrounded by stunning local art under the warm glow from the chandelier or settle onto their cozy fireside granite patio with twinkling lights overhead, Cellar Grove’s friendly, experienced staff is ready to help you unwind in the Kennebecasis Valley’s newest, coolest and most elevated experience.  It’s the place to be right now. We will see you there!

Cellar Grove Wine Bar, Garden Grove Café, 2 Garden Grove, Rothesay, New Brunswick


Resonating Reverence: A Tribute to Ron Hynes
by Jennifer Wood

Ron Hynes

Sonny Don't Go Away: A Tribute to Ron Hynes is a compilation of 20 melodies penned by the cherished Canadian legend, brought to life by a group of artists from Newfoundland and Labrador. The release date is slated for October 20 through Sonic Records. Alan Doyle and Cory Tetford are the album's producers, and it will be accessible on all major digital platforms and streaming services, as well as in physical formats like CD and a limited edition double white vinyl record.

The initial track of the 20-song album, “Leaving on the Evening Tide” sung by Tim Baker, lead vocalist of Hey Rosetta!, is available HERE.

Ron Hynes

Renowned as one of Canada's premier storytellers and a prominent figure of the east coast, Ron Hynes launched his inaugural album Discovery in 1972, marking the first instance of an entirely original work by a Newfoundland artist. Over his celebrated career spanning more than four decades, he garnered 22 ECMA nominations with six wins, a JUNO nomination, a CCMA Award nomination, and a Genie Award triumph. In 2008, SOCAN honored him with the National Achievement Award for his songwriting triumphs, and in 2013, Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal celebrated his stature as a Canadian icon and Newfoundland advocate, and in a posthumous accolade, Hynes was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2020. Acclaimed as "the troubadour of countless tunes," he left an enduring legacy on the culture of Newfoundland. Hynes passed away in 2015 at 64 years old.

Newfoundland native and internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician, producer and writer Alan Doyle, who co produced the 20-track album says of the ambitious project: "I was honoured to take on a venture that I knew would be really important to the music community in Newfoundland and Labrador and the general population of Newfoundland and Labrador as well. Dealing with Ron Hynes material in this neck of the woods is like dealing with the bible. He showed people like me that we could be ourselves and we should be ourselves and not try to pretend we're from anywhere else. Not only was it ok for us to sing our own songs and tell our own stories but it was essential that we do so."

Doyle joined forces with The Dardanelles to present their rendition of "St. John's Waltz." He underscores the initial intention of enlisting a diverse array of artists to ensure the tribute resonates as a collective, community-driven initiative.

"We all adored this legendary songwriter but maybe people across Canada and internationally aren’t nearly as aware of his genius as we are. It was an excellent rallying cry for the whole Newfoundland and Labrador music community to come together for this. For the people who knew and loved Ron, this will be an emotional and important tribute to him," says Doyle, adding that every artist he approached instantly said yes. "This is just 20 songs. We could easily do 20 more."


Michelle Obama Halifax

The Invictus Games
by Sharon Peabody
Photographs by Sharon Peabody

Invictus Games

New Brunswick's Sharon Peabody attended last year's Invictus Games at the Sportscampus Zuiderpark in The Hague, Netherlands (postponed from 2020) exclusively for [EDIT] magazine. Ahead of this year's Games taking place from 9th to 16th September in Dusseldorf, Germany, Sharon shares her experiences watching these inspirational servicemen and women. 

Invictus Games Canada

In 2013, the Duke of Sussex attended the Warrior Games in the United States of America and his commitment to creating the Invictus Games began. He wanted the wounded, injured and sick service personnel to use the power of sport to support their recovery and rehabilitation.

The word "invictus" means "unconquered". The poem, Invictus, was written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley. When Henley was 16 years old, tuberculosis led to the amputation of his leg.  Eight years later, surgeon, Joseph Lister saved Henley's remaining leg. While recovering in hospital, he wrote the verses that later became the poem about "willpower and strength in the face of adversity".

Invictus by William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul.

These last two lines are the very essence of the Invictus Games.

The first international Invictus Games were held in 2014 in London, England, where over 400 athletes from 13 nations competed in 9 sports. The Invictus Games Foundation was established after the 2014 games, with the purpose of inspiring a global reaction that will impact all of society to be inspired by the stories of never giving up and continuing the journey. 

The second Invictus Games were held in 2016 in Orlando, Florida, with 487 competitors from 14 nations, competing in 10 sports. The Invictus Games came to Toronto Canada in September 2017, with 539 athletes from 17 nations competing in 12 adaptive sports. As the Invictus Games Foundation website states, this is "an event that captures hearts, challenges minds and changes lives." Sydney, Australia was home to the Invictus Games 2018, where 491 athletes competed in 11 sports. The Duke of Sussex, Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation stressed that "our competitors have helped turn the issue of mental health from a sad story to an inspiring one. They want to live, rather than just be alive." 

Team Canada has been part of the Invictus story since the first games in 2014. As stated on the Soldier On Website, "Soldier On is a program of the Canadian Armed Forces which contributes to the recovery of ill and injured CAF members and veterans by providing opportunities and resources through sport, recreational, and creative activities. Since 2007, Soldier On has supported over 8800 members...provides members with a safe environment to challenge themselves and become inspired...re-introduction to an active lifestyle provides opportunities to develop new skills, build confidence and meet peers with similar challenges. Soldier On program, recruits, trains and manages Team Canada's participation in international competitions such as the Invictus and Warrior Games with close collaboration with True Patriot Love Foundation."

Team Canada 2022 consisted of 28 members, including 8 members representing Atlantic Canada. To learn more about the Canadian participants, please visit the Government of Canada National Defence website by clicking here.

I am thankful for having the experience representing [EDIT]ION as a photographer at the Invictus Games.  Some of the most touching experiences that I was part of was witnessing the support by the coaches, family and friends; the team members supporting each other on the court and track; the support for Team Ukraine; watching Junior Gosse carry in the Team Canada flag on Opening night; witnessing the support team with Darrell Ling and finally seeing Junior Gosse's son, Ryan accompany him walking his bike after a blown tire, resulted in Junior walking the course and coming in last to the biggest cheers from the waiting crowd. Junior Gosse you are my hero.



Acclaimed Irish Comedian Dara Ó Briain Returns to Atlantic Canada with His New Show
by Jennifer Wood

Irish Comedian and author Dara Ó Briain returns to St. John’s, Moncton and Halifax for what promises to be three hilarious performances. He left Canada’s East Coast and its standing ovation crowds in 2022 and is returning in September with his new performance: So… Where Were We? The show, that won the Best Tour Award earlier this year was recently hailed by The Guardian as “…a masterclass in intelligent, no-frills stand-up.”

Dara has made a name for himself as one of the most recognisable faces on British TV, as host of BBC Two’s long running hit panel show Mock The Week, Stargazing Live, Robot Wars and Comedy Central’s re-boot of the classic quiz show Blockbusters.

Ó Briain tells [EDIT]ION: "I had 2 brilliant nights in Halifax and Moncton last year, full of silliness about Big Waves on the river, building a city on a 45 degree slope, and a taxi driver who insisted on telling me the location of every single Tim Hortons in the area; I can't wait to get back with this totally new show and see what madness I'll discover in St. John's as well!"

Dara has also put pen to paper with the release of three best selling non-fiction children’s books all released by Scholastic UK: Beyond The Sky: You and the Universe (2017), Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes (2018), and most recently in October 2020, Is There Anybody Out There?

Following his stint in Atlantic Canada, Ó Briain travels west for more performances in Canada before heading to Switzerland and Australia.

Be sure to catch Dara at St. John’s Holy Heart Theatre (September 5th), Moncton’s Capitol Theatre (September 6th) or at Halifax’s Spatz Theatre (September 7th). His show leaves audiences in fits of laughter and begging for more.


Salt + Ash Beach House on the Halifax Waterfront:
A Film by Unbound Media

Salt + Ash Beach House Halifax Nova Scotia Waterfront

Jennifer Wood interviewed the team at Salt + Ash Beach House on the Halifax waterfront for Volume 25 of the magazine and we are now delighted to share this exclusive film from Edit Media, produced and directed by the amazing people at Unbound Media. We upload a brand new film to this channel every month, so please do be sure to subscribe to the channel here. It’s free!

Salt + Ash Beach House, the newest addition to the Queen's Marque district in Halifax. Nova Scotia is a welcoming retreat that marries familiar coastal fare and live-fire cooking. The 154-seat eatery boasts stunning views of the Halifax harbour while offering traditional cooking techniques that meet a fresh and forward-thinking approach to dining out. 

For Salt + Ash's chef de cuisine, Kayla Nelson, who moved from Ontario to lead the kitchen, developing her wood-fired culinary craft was a chance for her to meld her love for the outdoors and cuisine. As a newcomer to Halifax, she is enjoying the easy access to the nearby lakes and trails: they offer a welcome reprieve from her busy life. “I was never a big-city person but, as an ambitious chef, I knew that this is where the opportunities are,” Nelson tells [EDIT].

“I once worked in a town of eight hundred people in England, and I loved it. More and more people are discovering cooking outdoors, whether that be over an open fire or building their own pizza ovens. And we are seeing more of that here too; the culinary journey of Nova Scotia is experiencing an upward trend, and it’s great to be a part of that.”

Salt + Ash, 1741 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS

Produced by Edit Media in conjunction with the
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce
Read full feature in [EDIT] magazine
For more information visit:


Cape Enrage New Brunswick

Canadians love a good road trip and one destination worth packing the cooler and hitting the road for is Cape Enrage. It’s located in the southern tip of New Brunswick, just minutes from Fundy National Park. From Route 915, turn onto Cape Enrage Road and buckle up because it’s a steep and twisty climb to the top. Once your ears stop popping, you’ll be rewarded with fresh salty air, a moaning foghorn and a quaint lighthouse perched on a jagged cliff—a postcard.

Cape Enrage New Brunswick

We brought relatives visiting from Ontario to this tucked-away gem and it didn’t disappoint. We walked down the many stairs to Fossil Beach. The sign at the top gave the Danger Time—AKA Hightail it Back Up Those Stairs When the Tide Comes In—which was within the hour. The soaring waterfall cliffs that surround the beach are up to fifty metres high and there is rappelling available for the adrenaline junkies. No thanks. My idea of an adrenalin rush is getting 70% off a pair of shoes. We spotted a young family skipping rocks and it was jarring yet refreshing to see children with rocks rather than smart phones in their hands.

Kelly's Bake Shop Sticky Bun Alma

When the beach started to disappear, we hightailed it up the stairs and to the Cape House Restaurant for lunch where we enjoyed the view of…zipliners. Yup. There’s a 183-metre zipline that whizzes by the restaurant. It would be a spectacular vantage point if you feel inclined to harness up and dangle in the air. No thanks. My adrenaline rush was the 19-kilometre jaunt to Kelly’s Bake Shop (home of the world famous Sticky Bun) in nearby Alma. It was the icing on the cake (sticky bun). My work as a tour guide paid off—my relatives are already mentally packing their cooler for their next road trip east. 




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