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Cover Story: Michelle Obama is Coming to Halifax! 
by James Mullinger

Also in this issue:

  • Heaven Inn Devon by Jennifer Wood
  • Jennifer Wood meets Yuzhu Yang in Cornwall, PEI: A Film by Tyler Warren Ellis
  • Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure
  • St. Martins, New Brunswick adorns the cover of the latest issue of [EDIT]


Michelle Obama is coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia to celebrate 75 years of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council! 

At a special announcement event attended by Edit Media in Truro, Nova Scotia yesterday, the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council announced that their 75th anniversary celebrations, presented by East Coast Credit Union, will include a uniquely special speaking event with former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama! She will speak live on stage at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax on October 18th to a capacity crowd including more than 3,000 deserving bright minds thanks to the generosity of others through the Diversity Delegation. It is one thing to work around the clock to host a guest speaker of the caliber of Mrs. Obama, it is an entirely different thing to work even harder to rally partners around a program that ensures tickets for the event do not simply go to the highest bidders - they will be given at no cost to deserving future leaders in order for them to make connections, be inspired, and motivate them to build the region they are already envisioning for us all.

It’s set to be a very co-operative conversation.

This is the second coup for Dianne Kelderman, CEO of the council who also led the initiative to host president Barack Obama in Halifax in 2019.

In collaboration with six prestigious Atlantic Canada post-secondary institutions, charities, and non-profit organizations, the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council will be welcoming the leaders of tomorrow to learn from Mrs. Obama's wisdom and experiences firsthand and offer unparalleled access to additional learning opportunities at no cost. The future leaders program is presented by Emera.

The evening is poised to captivate hearts and minds like never before. Prepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary celebration that transcends boundaries, embodying the very essence of the cooperative movement and credit unions.

This remarkable gathering seeks to kindle a profound appreciation for the values that form the bedrock of our society: hope, optimism, resilience, kindness, community, and impact. Edit Media is proud to be the exclusive Media Partner for this much anticipated evening. 

Michelle Obama, an emblematic figure whose very presence exudes the values that elevate humanity, will grace this commemorative event. Together, we embark on a journey that pulsates with excitement, celebrating an impressive 75-year legacy of cooperative spirit that stretches far beyond the shores of Nova Scotia. 

With every thread meticulously woven, Mrs. Obama’s visit and the surrounding co-op week programming paint a vivid portrait of unity, reminding us of the boundless achievements that can be realized through collective effort. It is an occasion that beckons us to believe in the power of collaboration and the resounding impact it can have on our world.

As the spotlight shines brightly on the illustrious cooperative movement, let us stand united in celebration, forging an enduring testament to the remarkable heights we can reach when we join hands - in true Atlantic Canadian fashion.

Taking place at the 10,000-capacity Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, doors will open at 4:30pm on October 18, 2023, for an evening of insightful discussion and thoughtful, stimulating inspiration. Limited tickets will go on sale to the public starting the week of August 10th – click here to subscribe for instant updates or follow @TheMaritimeEdit on Facebook or Twitter for ticketing information.

"It’s a real honour to work alongside the council, sponsors, educational partners, leaders, and impact makers who are uniting," LeBlanc (pictured below at yesterday's launch event) shared with [EDIT]ION. "I have made the diversity delegation my main mission as it speaks so well to the co-operative and credit union values. We’ll need solid support, but Atlantic Canada is an incredibly generous and kind spirited place. I’m deeply grateful for all of the support, trust, and dedication to the BrainWorks team and all who have supported us these past 11 years."

Dianne Kelderman said: "We are honoured and excited that Mrs. Obama has chosen to join us for her first Atlantic Canadian engagement following her incredibly successful book tour. How fitting to host this event along with the support of so many others in a cooperative spirit during Canada’s co-op week. We know the event will be inspiring, thought-provoking, and game-changing." Jeff Yuill added: "We hope this event and all activities taking place during Co-op week shift our focus to the bright, abundant, co-operative future for all."

There are a series of events, celebrations, delegations, and activities planned for the anniversary celebrations - all set to take place during Canada’s Official co-op week this October. East Coast Credit Union is the official presenting sponsor of the week’s activities. The 75th anniversary is made possible thanks to the support of many organizations including: East Coast Credit Union, CUA, Black Business Initiative, McInnes Cooper, Sobeys, Emera, Atlantic Lottery, Mount St Vincent University, Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, University of New Brunswick, University of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia Community College, Time + Space, and BrainWorks.

Most importantly, the six post-secondary education institutions along with Emera, the Black Business Initiative and Mount Saint Vincent University have united on a mission to empower 3,000 deserving minds to attend the event at no cost. The mission of the gathering is to serve as a catalyst for the future under the “Diversity Delegation”. This program is being supported by the generosity of each and every one of the event sponsors. These will include: 

- 1,000 post-secondary students (19+) as a part of the Future Leaders program presented by Emera. These 1,000 students will come through the event educational partners: Nova Scotia Community College, Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, University of Prince Edward Island, University of New Brunswick, and Mount Saint Vincent University

 - 1,000 EDI and traditionally underrepresented group members as a part of Inclusion Champions program presented by Black Business Initiative.

 - 1,000 young women + women in leadership through the HER Impact program presented by MSVU in celebration of their 150th anniversary.

Tickets will be available to the public during the week of August 10, 2023. In the meantime, you can register for updates, including ticketing information, via the event’s official website at www.coopweek.ca (Registrations will open later this week) 

Photographs: Cameron Thompson/BrainWorks

Victorian Mansion in Fredericton Transformed to a Multi-Use Property
by Jennifer Wood

Business partners Jen Mabie and Darren Blyth, co-owners of Union Studios, purchased a 130 year-old historic Victorian home in Devon on Fredericton’s northside in 2020 with the intent to transform it into a multi-use property. The home was originally a single family residence owned by the MacFarlane family, and throughout its rich history, the home has seen many transformations.

Jen, a realtor, and Darren, a contractor, partnered after meeting through their children in 2018 and decided to combine their talents to flip homes. In five short years, the duo has completed five projects together. Heaven Inn Devon, their most recent purchase, took three years to complete.

Darren and Jen managed most of the home’s transformation themselves. Heaven Inn Devon serves the community as a four-unit Airbnb, offering guests the choice between three one-bedroom apartments and a two-bedroom apartment. The building also features a hip hair salon and a welcoming chic café. The multi-purpose home can best be described as a blend of historic charm and modern comforts.

“We’re both very passionate about the community of Devon,” Jen tells [EDIT]ION. “We feel so grateful to have had the privilege of restoring this historic home and we absolutely love that we’re able to share it with not only our friends, neighbours, and community, but also with visitors to our beautiful city.”

Heaven Inn Devon is quaintly located on Fredericton's amazing trail system that runs throughout the capital city, and a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Saint John (Wolastoq) River.

Whether guests are biking, walking, or on rollerblades the Inn boasts easy access to the patios of several breweries, hip restaurants, and lovely parks. It’s a perfect getaway for a coffee, a light lunch, a haircut, a one-night or multi-night stay.

Heaven Inn Devon, 119 St Marys St, Fredericton, NB E3A 2S1



Artist Yuzhu (Zhu Zhu) Yang moved to Prince Edward Island 10 years ago. The gifted painter was born in Guizhou, China, in a small village surrounded by mountains and valleys. When she was 10 years old, Zhu Zhu and her family moved to the larger city of Jiangsu, and she pledged to never forget her formative home. Her paintings celebrate her past and embrace her new life in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island.

Jennifer Wood interviewed her for the new issue of the magazine and this exclusive film produced by Edit Media and directed by award-winning filmmaker Tyler Warren Ellis. We upload a brand new film to this channel every month, so please do be sure to subscribe to the channel here. It’s free!

Produced by Edit Media in conjunction with the
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce
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Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure
The Latest Exhibit at Halifax’s Discovery Centre Inspires Visitors to Engage, Learn and Explore
by Jennifer Wood

Indigenous Ingenuity is Halifax’s Discovery Centre’s newest featured exhibit, and promises an engaging, educational, and interactive experience for visitors. Indigenous peoples from North America have long exhibited a great sense of ingenuity though using nature as inspiration, and the world we know today is influenced by their innovations and scientific knowledge. The exhibition invites visitors to experience the innovative processes that give rise to Indigenous knowledge by observing, listening, experimenting, and sharing.

Attendees are invited to Explore First Peoples’ scientific principles by testing the centre of gravity in a kayak and during a virtual canoe race, experience indigenous ingenuity by building an igloo and harpooning for fish, and discovering the Indigenous peoples’ rich scientific knowledge, inspired by nature and the resources of the land.

Leah Veinot, Manager of Marketing and Communications with the Discovery Centre tells [EDIT]ION: "Indigenous Ingenuity provides visitors the opportunity to explore North American Indigenous people's innovations and ingenuity in a hands-on and highly interactive way. The exhibition presents a clever and novel mix of science and culture through experiences like virtual reality, interactive games, videos, and activities. Discovery Centre is thrilled to host this important exhibit for visitors to explore this summer on the Halifax Waterfront.

Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure will be at the Discovery Centre Wednesday to Sunday 9am – 4 pm until September third.  





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