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Cover Story: The Atlantic Ballet of Canada by Jennifer Wood
Design by Lindsay Vautour

Featured in the issue below are: 

* Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2021
* PEI's First Luxury Picnic Experience by Morgan Leet
* Sydona Chandon's Emancipation Series
* Laurie Swim Gallery by Jennifer Wood
* The Musical Talents of Hollie Kenniff 

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Atlantic Ballet Celebrates its 20th Season with Unique Performance

To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the award-winning Atlantic Ballet has created a unique evening that showcases its finest dancers, the Atlantic Ocean, and a three-course, locally sourced meal prepared by Chef Gene Cormier. The jaw-dropping performances take place on a protected wetland, on an outdoor stage in Grande Digue, N.B.

Enjoy original choreography by Igor Dobrovolskiy, inspired by and created especially for the location, and experience a delicious local food pairing – all made, grown and cultivated in New Brunswick.

“For the past 20 years, the Atlantic Ballet Canada has been creating innovative and original ballet theatre productions,” explains The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage. “Its latest project, Ballet by the Ocean, has proven how our creators and our artists have found brilliant solutions to keep performing despite pandemic restrictions.”

[EDIT]'s co founder and host of Bell Fibe TV1's Atlantic Edition, James Mullinger said: "My two greatest loves in life are the performing arts and beautiful New Brunswick views. It is very rare that one gets to combine both of those things which is why, Ballet By The Ocean is such a unique experience. It is no exaggeration to say that watching this spectacular show unfold was one of the greatest artistic experiences of my life. Susan and Igor brought world class ballet to New Brunswick two decades ago and have continuously innovated since. On the twentieth anniversary of Atlantic Ballet of Canada, they have delivered a cultural phenomenon that is going to attract people from around the world. It is a joy to see people finally realize that if we support the arts in this region, then we will all benefit."

Mayor of Miramichi, and director of Bell Fibe TV1's Atlantic Edition, Adam Lordon said: "The Ballet by the Ocean was a special, almost surreal, moment. A one of a kind experience showcasing the natural beauty, culinary skill, and artistic talent of New Brunswick. If you are looking for one night to remind you we live in one of the best places in the world, this is it."

Atlantic Ballet By The Ocean fall series continues in September with shows on Saturday, September 4,11 &18. Atlantic Ballet Canada is a registered charity. Guests will receive a charity receipt in the amount of $100 per ticket. It is the performance of the season, and one you won’t want to miss.

To learn more information, including location, what to bring and to purchase tickets visit atlanticballet.ca.





ANBL team members enjoy giving back to communities throughout New Brunswick. In 2020, team members logged nearly 7,000 hours of volunteerism and acts of kindness in only six months. Every year, eligible employees are given a paid day of leave to volunteer within the non-profit sector. It’s just one way ANBL encourages team members to give back to their communities.

Are you or your organization looking for volunteers? Reach out to community@anbl.com. We'd love to help!







Lions' Den Film

Three medical pitches. Five Lions. Half a Million Dollars. Winner takes all. 

If you love a good competition show, and helping change our medical system for the better, then Lions’ Den is for you. Reminiscent of the show Dragons’ Den, this medical competition film by The Saint John Regional Hospital brings the stakes even higher, with pitches that have the potential to save lives.
It's not only for a good cause but also is endlessly entertaining and fun to watch. Three teams go head-to-head, assessed by a group of Canadian business leaders and donors who decide who will win the $500,000 prize money, to make their medical pitches a reality.
One of the three pitches is Improving Speed & Accuracy Of Drug Detection. Information from the lab is the foundation on which healthcare is built upon.  The lab conducts 4 million tests annually, and about 75,000 are for drugs. In New Brunswick, due to current limitations, many samples must be sent out of province, creating a 7-10 day wait time. Purchase of a Tandem Mass Spectrometer would allow the lab to provide a definitive and comprehensive analysis of both illicit and therapeutic drugs for a host of clinical purposes with a 24 hour turnaround time, providing a significant improvement over the current service.

Visit thegive.ca/lionsden for premiere details.

Improving Speed & Accuracy Of Drug Detection Team


Natalie Haddad has done a seemingly impossible task; she has made a classically Prince Edward Island view even more stunning. Her business, Cordial Picnics, creates an aesthetic experience for hangouts, birthdays, or special occasions. You simply show up and enjoy the picturesque setup with beautiful floral arrangements, tasty treats, delicious food, and some bubbly of course.

“You can’t go wrong with PEI’s landscape.” Natalie tells [EDIT]ION, “It is such a dream to be able to do what I love here on the island. The endless miles of sand dunes, rolling hills, green luscious fields, vibrant wildflowers, white sand beaches, blue oceans, the red cliffs, it’s all just so dreamy and I wake up grateful every single day. PEI has outstanding natural beauty from every corner which makes it so magical to have a business that is dependent on the outdoors. I could set up a picnic anywhere on this island and the views would never disappoint.”

[EDIT]ION: How did you decide to start Cordial Picnics?

Natalie Haddad: If I’m being honest, it started with me setting up really fun luxurious picnics for my friends and family. I did one last summer for my birthday and I had around 8 of my friends help me carry pillows, blankets, plates, food, and flowers onto the beach and it turned out to be such a lavish picnic that we were all swooning over. The idea of starting this business really came to me while I was brainstorming ways people could gather while accommodating the COVID-19 protocols. I had a light bulb moment and it all just came to me. The whole idea of starting a luxury picnic business was so exciting to me and to PEI as well. I wanted to bring a unique social experience to the island where people would be able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, date nights, bachelorettes, and what better place to do that than beautiful PEI. I quickly grew to love the art of good company and good food in beautiful spaces, and I wanted to recreate this experience for others and just like that, Cordial Picnics was born!

[EDIT]ION: What do you love about having a business on PEI?

Natalie: I love having a business on PEI for a bunch of reasons! PEI is such a beautiful place; I love getting to show off the sights and bringing people to locations they might not have seen before. Even for us islanders, there are endless new beaches, trails, and fields to discover. I also love seeing the surprised and happy faces when my attendees first walk up to the picnic setups! It feels great to safely create magical moments for islanders and tourists alike during this unsure time in the world! Another thing I love about having a business on PEI is that sometimes I get to collaborate with other small businesses here on the island whether it’s a photo shoot or a special giveaway package.

[EDIT]ION: What makes having a picnic with loved ones special?

Natalie: There's really nothing more special then sharing intimate gatherings with loved ones in a beautiful backdrop setting. Cordial Picnics was created with the intention of bringing people together by simply showing up and taking the time to slow down and connect with others. We know how hard it is to come up with creative and unique events and I wanted to give people the perfect way to celebrate with a lavish picnic at a beach, open field, or in the comfort of your home! 

[EDIT]ION: What do people get when they book?

Natalie: Every picnic set-up comes with a seasonal gourmet charcuterie board, sparkling drinks, and water for each guest. It’s a two-hour experience including set-up/tear down, custom made mini table, plates, placemats, linens, pillow seats for each guest, custom chalkboard message, gold cutlery, glassware, table decor, blankets, Bluetooth speaker, large decorative umbrella (only for beach picnics).  We also have a list of add-ons you can choose from to make your picnic experience even more special including a desert tier, chocolate-covered strawberries, a candy board, giant Jenga, card games, floral arrangements, polaroid rental, and more! 


Instagram: @cordialpicnics



[EDIT] + Tourism NB


Get to know the capital-city region, home to the historic city of Fredericton and surrounding communities. Take a tour through the brilliant mix of city life, small towns and vast farmlands, stopping along the way to enjoy the taste of the harvests, tunnel through the world’s longest covered bridge, and experience local creativity in art galleries.

Our farmers work hard to produce fresh and tasty potatoes and have put our province on the map for having some of the best in the world. Visit the Potato World museum for a fun look at the industry, and visit the beloved Covered Bridge Potato Chips for a factory tour. And yes — this is where the famed Storm Chips were invented!

Treat yourself to a brew at one of the many innovative and inviting craft breweries and cideries along the Taproom Trail in and around Fredericton. Soak in summertime vibes on a on a taproom patio or head out on a ‘bikes and brews’ tour for the full experience.

To read more about the regions of New Brunswick to road trip through this summer, order a copy of our brand new volume of [EDIT] magazine by clicking here!

Brought to you by Tourism New Brunswick, #ExploreNB!


The series entitled “the Chains are Broken, and the Crowns are Risen” is a piece that I envisioned months ago when I thought of how black people are standing up for their lives and not allowing a society that once enslaved them to dictate their outcome. Coming from Jamaica I grew up celebrating Emancipation Day as a day of freedom— when the chains were physically broken to let my people go. When I was approached early summer by Thandiwe, the President/Founder of the NB. Black Artist Alliance to be a part of the planning committee of the first recognized Emancipation Day in NB. I was thrilled to bring this vision to life through my sphere of creativity (Work Of Art Photography) I had always been passionate about conceptual photography so this was my opportunity to act on my love for showcasing the human condition. To create a picture with imagery that forces change and sparks a depth of understanding one’s struggle is the goal.   

The photoshoot I creatively directed for the banner took on a theme of freedom and the celebration of the Melanated Black Queen. The latter brought forward the beauty of being black in all different shades and referred to the melanin as honey, lustrous and rich meant to be celebrated. The story line also took on the crowning of each queen as black women are often divided by societal traditions plotting one against the other, as if we cannot all win. The idea is to uplift each other as we raise the bars and break the chains both physically and mentally. Having the idea was one thing but having to create the concept took much planning, I first purchased the crowns and honey jars in early June for the women and had much difficulty getting the right weather for the shoot, finally I shot on the steps of Odell Park at sunset. The Sunkissed the women’s skin to bring an intense glow, highlighting the beauty of their melanin.  

I decided to shoot all the men in the same location while this shoot was funded by Black Lives Matter Fredericton, I easily purchased all the props and got the models I envisioned to wear the same shade of black, posing in professional suits pulling on the white chains to bring out the radical look. The chains were also symbolic of dismantling white supremacy. The execution of the shoot was fun for myself and the models, then it was down to editing using my signature style. After the images were ready, I connected with a Black-Owned Graphic Design company Karrie’d Away Creativity who created the template for the banner. I am happy to see my work come to fruition; the banner lad the march last Sunday rom the City Hall to the Legislative Building in Fredericton NB. My goal as a creative is to continue to create mind-provocative images which will really capture the scope of life and give context to purpose.  

Facebook: Work of Art photography 






Yesterday was World Indigenous Peoples Day!

We're hoping that today, and every day, you reflect on the exemplary environmental stewardship of the world's Indigenous Peoples who surpass 300 million people on this earth. Today we're sharing some environmental guiding principles in the cultures of 3 Indigenous Peoples around the globe. The issues impacting us as Indigenous Peoples are not part of the past but colour all of our futures as co-inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We urge you to continue the work to understand the histories which have led to modern Indigenous land dispossession and to take every action you can to help slow climate change which disproportionately impacts Indigenous Peoples. Governments, policymakers and environmentalists need to give the conservation strategies employed by Indigenous Peoples the prominence they deserve for the globe to achieve environmental sustainability. This involves forging genuine partnerships with Indigenous Peoples.

Everyday we should consider our life in relation to all other life around us, there is no hierarchy in this life. Tell us what you learned in the comments.

Msit No’kmaq (all my relations)

Wela'lioq (thank you - for reading this far!) 🧡

Co-Founder of Sankara, sankaracuisine.com


Hollie Kenniff is one half of husband-wife duo Mint Julep with Keith Kenniff, but with her recent solo album has made waves in the typically male dominated ambient. She hopes to inspire more within the industry, and continues to impress fans globally. With this she is also donating half of her album sales to multiple Canadian non-profits, including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and two women's emergency shelters and halfway houses.  

[EDIT] met with Hollie to learn more about her work and creative inspiration.

[EDIT]: What has your experience been like as a female artist in a male-dominated genre?

Hollie Kenniff: Without discussing specific experiences, I’d say it is challenging to be a woman in ambient or electronic music. For instance, I can’t think of a prominent female ambient musician who is also a mom, while the same isn’t true for male ambient artists who have made a successful living in music. There is growing support for female musicians in this genre and in other genres that have been typically underrepresented by women composers in the past 5-10 years, but I do think that change has been slow. I think it can be intimidating for women to choose to enter a genre where a record label or concert bill is dominated overwhelmingly by male composers and this prevents some women from entering certain aspects of the music industry that would really benefit from their involvement. One recent example of being a female artist in this genre is that a friend told me that I was included on an yoga playlist edited by a major company and when I saw it, I discovered that I was only one out of two female artists out of a 76-artist playlist. There are many talented women in this genre and hopefully things will improve as time goes on. 

[EDIT]: What was the inspiration behind your latest album?

Hollie: David Lynch once said: “I long for a kind of quiet where I can just drift and dream. I always say getting inspiration is like fishing. If you’re quiet and sitting there and you have the right bait, you’re going to catch a fish eventually. Ideas are sort of like that. You never know when they’re going to hit you.” I was struck by that comment. I wanted to make music that felt natural to that state of mind, being quiet and contemplative. Even though the elements are simple in this type of music, it can make the process very detail-orientated as I have been very considerate when choosing how to treat those elements, the tone and timbre of everything and how it coalesces. 

[EDIT]: What emotions do you hope audiences feel when listening?

Hollie: I hope that the music can help to reflect and frame quiet moments. My favorite music acts as a companion to certain situations, it doesn’t overwhelm, you can choose to let it be a main character or subtly enhance the mood of an experience in the background. 

[EDIT]: Can you tell me about your collaborations with your husband?

Hollie: My husband has been writing music for a couple of decades (under the monikers Helios, and Goldmund). He similarly composes ambient/electronic music. He and I have been writing music under our other band, Mint Julep, which is more indie rock with up-front vocals. This project is quite different as even though there are vocals, they’re much more textural and lyric-less. Keith contributed some piano to a couple of the songs on this album. We run a music licensing business called Unseen together. We’ve been fortunate to work with clients such as Apple, Google, and Instagram and also enjoy licensing music for dance companies and film projects too. 

[EDIT]: Where did you grow up, and what brought you to New Brunswick?

Hollie: I grew up in the midwest and also traveled year-round to my family’s lake cottage in Ontario where my parents met as teenagers and near where most of my extended family resides. I lived in New Brunswick briefly in my early twenties. 

We decided on New Brunswick, because we like the east coast and we both grew up with snowy winters and wanted to explore more of the Maritime provinces. The schools were also a big deciding factor for our three boys and just wanting to choose a safe, family-friendly community that was close to the wonderful nature that NB has. My husband and I used to live in big cities before having kids, but we both grew up for most of our lives in small towns and rural communities, so inherent in our upbringing, we value the pace of life and emphasis on community that smaller towns have to offer.

[EDIT]: What do you love about the New Brunswick music community?

Hollie: The Maritime environment seems to inspire a thriving arts community. My favorite band of recent years is Alvvays, who originated in PEI. Kinley Dowling from PEI is another talented musician I discovered in the past year. It’s also impossible for me to talk about Canadian songwriters without mentioning Kathleen Edwards, whose music I’ve been a fan of for the past fifteen years. I recently read about an NS organist who bought a church just so he could play the organ whenever he wants to and I thought that was a wonderful example of artistic passion.  





The beauty of Fox Harb’r with stunning oceanside views and flawless grounds is just one aspect of the community that makes living there paradise. It is a lifestyle in itself, with amenities ranging from horseback riding, ocean kayaking, and tennis, to fine dining facilities, an award-winning spa, and an on-site vineyard. The endless list of activities will keep you entertained through the seasons, with cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and an indoor pool for the colder months.

Being a member of the community takes carefree living to the next level, with landscaping, housekeeping, snow plowing, and more all included. The homes themselves, set within the Harb’rStone Village, are works of art. The luxurious houses are made for one-level living, have three bedrooms and a two car garage. You can also tailor the interior design to make it reflect your personal taste and style.

It’s no surprise that there is now limited availability for these homes that balance luxury with an authentic east coast charm.

Visit foxharbr.com/realestate/ for more information.

To learn more contact Eric Lum at 902-412-4812 or elum@foxharbr.com




Laurie Swim Gallery

Top rated Canadian Artist Crates Beauty and Excellence

by Jennifer Wood

Born is Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Laurie Swim is recognized as one of Canada's best living artists. She is best known for her quilt art, and her work has been on display at galleries throughout Canada and the United States. The award-winning artist has also written five books, two of which were published internationally. The Joy of Quilting with an Introduction by Alex Colville, 1984, made her an early leader in the art quilt field. Laurie's third book, Rags to Riches: The Quilt as Art with an introduction by Mary Pratt, was published in Canada in 2007. She is the owner and curator of the Laurie Swim Gallery, which is Located at the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Lunenburg.

The gifted artist is passionate about shining a spotlight on other artists. Her gallery features her original artwork, as well as the creations of five others. She recently curated pieces by Tim Mcguire, who is best known for his contemporary paintings, fine art oil paintings, plein air paintings, and figurative oil paintings. Tim works in Canada, U.S. and Italy and always paints from life. McGuire was raised in Buffalo, NY. In 2008, he left his career as a kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles to pursue painting full-time in Florence, Italy. His work has been exhibited in the United States, The United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and Canada.

“In my work, I explore joy and possibility,” says Tim. “I show the world to the world as translated by me. I happily embrace the shapes and colours that emerge as I work. I revel in the pure delight of creating something new.”

To see the works of Laurie Swim, Tim Mcguire and the other artists showcased at the Laurie Swim Gallery, visit her gallery located at 138 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.






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