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Cover Story: lululemon lands in Kennebecasis Valley by Morgan Leet
Photographs by Jennifer Irving
Design by Lindsay Vautour

Featured in the issue below are: 

* Yoga Haus X Lululemon by Morgan Leet
* Millennia TEA Hits Whole Foods by Jennifer Wood
* Ragmaw Design House by Morgan Leet

* Read By The Sea by Sarah Butland

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When you walk into Yoga Haus you feel an instant calm wash over you. The yoga studio is designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, aligning with their core values of physical and mental well-being. The entire community was sparked with excitement last week when they made a big announcement; they were bringing the iconic lululemon brand to the kennebecasis valley. The yoga studio underwent renovations to now feature a lululemon boutique area, featuring all of a yogi’s favourite items; leggings, tank tops, mats, and align gear. 

[EDIT]ION met with the genius behind the partnership and co-founder of Yoga Haus, Sephanie Downey.

[EDIT]ION: Yoga Haus has grown to be a huge part of the community. What was the original vision, and how have you evolved since then?

Stephanie: The original vision was to be a place of connection and community while providing the highest quality instruction of Yoga and meditation. I think we have held true to that original vision as our driving purpose and allowed how we delivered on that to ebb and flow and organically shift over time and circumstance.

[EDIT]ION: When did you first have the idea to feature lululemon at Yoga Haus?

Stephanie: The idea was always on our minds. With our intention of providing the highest quality of experience, we also had the notion of providing technical product that enhances that experience, readily available from the same location.

[EDIT]ION: What was the process like, making this happen?

Stephanie: It was a great experience, gaining a deeper understanding of the company itself and what they are looking for in brand partners. They are extremely considerate of who they partner with (understandably so) and so it was an extensive process of sharing our vision and brand values for Yoga Haus as well as our experience, education and expertise with respect to Yoga and meditation.

[EDIT]ION: What drew you to lululemon's brand, specifically?

Stephanie: As a company originating in Canada, there was an initial interest. More so, I got my first pieces of lululemon clothing in 2003 and some of them are still in my closet… that type of longevity in a design is something to take note of. As a company that prides itself on technical design, performance and innovation, we felt that it was in perfect alignment with Yoga Haus and what we strive for as well.

[EDIT]ION: What products are you going to be featuring?

Stephanie: We’ll be carrying all of the categories of product that lululemon offers and are excited to regularly be featuring their newest releases!

[EDIT]ION: Congratulations on expanding the brand in one of the most difficult years for small businesses ever. Why do you think Yoga Haus' values are important to share, especially now?

Stephanie: Thank you so much. I will say, we were not exempt from the challenges of the year and, if anything, had even heavier restrictions applied to our particular industry. But we felt driven by our purpose. We very passionately believe in proactive health care and physical and mental wellness and those values have been brought to the collective forefront this past year. Many people are prioritizing these facets of lifestyle and to be able to continue to provide a space in person and virtually for our community that facilitates wellness gives us great purpose. 


Instagram: @yogahaus




Saint John Millennia TEA adds Whole Foods to their Growing Roster of Grocers.

Owned and operated by co-founders and husband and wife duo, Tracy and Rory Bell, Saint John start-up Millennia TEA is now available at Whole Foods across the country. For Tracy, this opportunity was always part of the vision for the company and is a dream come true.

“This was always part of our business plan – to be in Whole Foods, first in Canada, and then internationally. They offer only the highest-quality organic products from companies who care about their people while nourishing their customers and protecting the planet.”

In April, the people behind Millennia TEA were thrilled to add Hundreds of Sobeys and Safeway(s) locations to their list. The tea can also be found at many independent health-minded locations across Canada.

The company is the first in the world to produce and deliver an edible, frozen tea product. To do this, they work closely with farmers in Sri Lanka who hand pick fresh organic tea leaves. The tea, which is considered medicine, is flash frozen that day, sealing in its medicinal properties and ensuring the best product possible. It is packaged in loose format or in convenient cubes.

“If you want to maximize the health benefits of the food you’re consuming, you harvest at their nutritional prime and flash freeze them within hours.” Tracy adds. “In the case of our product, keeping the tea leaves in their real, raw format delivers multiples more of the powerhouse antioxidants in the plant. And our product can be used in food – as a superfood booster for smoothies, sauces, dips, and more – something you could never do with a conventional dried tea.”

To learn more about the inspiration behind the business, including Tracy’s health scare that prompted her to discover the benefits and healing properties of the tea, and maximizing its efficacy via freezing, be sure to read the in-depth feature on the revolutionary company in [EDIT]’s fall issue.

Facebook: Millennia TEA

Instagram: @millennia_tea


Born in the heart of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ragmaw mirrors the landscape of the surrounding area, with patterns ranging from lighthouses and crashing waves to wildflowers and animals. The patterns fabrics are used alongside durable leather and canvas materials. 

Started by Megan Jackman, the company has expanded production sites multiple times and has grown into a well-known brand across Canada. Throughout their growth though, they have remained proudly Atlantic Canadian, showcasing the design style and elements of our home on a national scale. 

[EDIT]ION met with Megan to learn more about the powerhouse of a brand. 

[EDIT]ION: When did you first start Ragmaw, and what was the inspiration behind the brand?

Megan Jackman: I started Ragmaw in 2013; in the very beginning, I was making bags on my own, under my own name. I thought I might continue making one of a kind pieces under my own name, I thought that would be my side business while I worked full time as a pharmacist.  The bags became popular and that inspired me to move toward leaving pharmacy behind in order to grow my business. The Ragmaw brand is inspired by Canadian landscapes and a spirited lifestyle -- beautiful but rugged and ready to go anywhere. The structure of the brand itself was conceptualized during the time I lived in Europe; I researched and explored as many different creative business set-ups as I could while I was there.  

[EDIT]ION: What materials do you use and why?

Megan Jackman: We use waxed canvas for the main bodies of our bags -- we choose this material because it is rugged and it stands up well to Canadian winters and coastal wind. Waxed canvas is meant to develop a worn-in look and we love that vibe; it makes the bag extra special but also low maintenance. We also use printed cottons and velvets for the front face of each bag. Those patterned faces are the signature touch on each bag because they bear our designs. We use leather accents, leather straps, and brass hardware for extra durability.

[EDIT]ION:Your designs are very reminiscent of the Newfoundland landscape. Was that intentional or did it happen naturally?

Megan Jackman: That wasn't intentional but many of my fabric patterns do represent parts of my province that I cherish. I spend a lot of time outside (I did as a child as well) and I draw the inspiration for my drawings upon that time. Those drawings become Ragmaw fabrics. So, it mainly happens naturally but, of course, I also get many special requests from customers in Atlantic Canada for particular Maritime scenes (such as the Peggy's Cove lighthouse!).

[EDIT]ION: What do you love about the Newfoundland business community?

 Megan Jackman: I love the close networking opportunities that we have within our province. When you need to find a particular piece of information, it is easy to be in touch with fellow business owners quickly. People will relay you forward to another entrepreneur until you find what you're looking for.

[EDIT]ION: Can you tell me about some of the charity work you do?

 Megan Jackman: Yes, one of our main goals in operating Ragmaw is to generate money that we give back to our community (both locally and nationally).  At the beginning of each year, I donate $10,000 to a community organization that cares for people in need. This year, the recipient organization was The Gathering Place, here in St. John's. Throughout the rest of the year, Ragmaw also gives lump sum donations to organizations such as Black Lives Matter (Toronto chapter) and The Kids Help Phone.  Sometimes we raise money by releasing exciting bag collections that are named specifically for the chosen charity.  Our other primary goal is to create employment opportunities within our region.  


Instagram: @ragmaw






Discover the city of Miramichi and the surrounding area, known for its welcoming communities and world-class Atlantic-salmon and stripedbass fishing. Begin in the heart of the bustling city itself and end in charming Boiestown. You’ll be treated to unexpected experiences along the way — like Cedar by the River’s hotstone massage in the river.


The idea of fly fishing might be intimidating at first, but we promise that it’s not just for the pros to enjoy! Scenic lodges set along the banks of the Miramichi River offer all-inclusive guided fishing packages to make for an unforgettable day out on the water.


Take an inner tube out for the day, and relax as it carries you along the scenic route, or rent a paddleboard to guide yourself downriver. Keep your feet dry by choosing one of the many riverside dining experiences in the city, or visit the Metepenagiag Heritage Park to explore the rich culture of the Mi’kmaq people. 

To read more about the regions of New Brunswick to road trip through this summer, order a copy of our brand new volume of [EDIT] magazine by clicking here

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Looking for drink pairings to go with great New Brunswick seafood this summer? These mocktails are just the thing!

Fish and chips
Lemonade is a perfect pairing! You can infuse the lemonade with herbs that go well with fish, like sprigs of thyme or mint leaves, or go with straight up lemonade.

Lobster roll
Lobster and lager is lovely. Try Budweiser 0.0% alcohol for a refreshing summer pairing.

Fish tacos
It’s the Maritimes’ nod to Mexico! Try these with ‘agua fresca’ - a popular Mexican drink, that is a refreshing combination of fruit, sugar, and water. Made to measure to your taste!

Steamed mussels
Lager not only pairs well with mussels, but they can also be used in cooking! Try Heineken 0.0% paired with mussels steamed in water, chopped tomatoes, garlic, lemon and more Heineken!

Fried clams or scallops
To cut through the richness of these NB delicacies, pair your meal with a sparkling water, flavoured with your favourite citrus.

For summer mocktail recipes, visit anbl.com/celebratesafe


by Sarah Butland  

In the quiet little village of River John, Nova Scotia, literary shenanigans are have been bringing big names in Canadian literature to the mainstage and to their fans. In its 21st year, the Read By The Sea festival is going virtual and you are invited. Escape the comfort of your home while relaxing in your favourite chair and meet Canadian authors Rebecca Thomas, Wayne Curtis, Joan Baxter, Amy Spurway and Pasha Malla on our mainstage.

With readings and interviews, guests are invited to sign in and watch their favourite authors safely from their own home. These virtual events will be available on their YouTube Channel for a limited time starting July 2, 2021 with the festival itself running from July 2 to 9, 2021.

There will even be a writer’s workshop for those aspiring to improve the thrill in their stories hosted by Stephen Maher, a call for campfire stories, and an open mic event. The festival is also eager to share their Pitch The Publishers entries with you!

WordPlay is for the kids, or young at heart, as we host Sydney Smith and Vikki VanSickle to read a book, be interviewed by a local book reviewer/ author interviewer who is just eleven years old.

In the past, with your support, our main stage hosted authors like Margaret Atwood, Wesley King, Michael Crummey and, of course the beloved children’s book author Sheree Fitch. Before Covid, Fitch has hosted WordPlay at her own bookstore, Mabel Murple’s Bookshoppe and Dreamery which plans to open by appointment this summer.

This festival is run by a wonderful group of volunteers who are a combination of book lovers and authors. Mainly residents of River John but expanding throughout the North Shore of Nova Scotia. While the river runs through the village the love of books runs through the community as they celebrate Canadian talents. To keep it going, they do ask for donations and this year plan to include an auction for selected books by the MainStage authors so invite you to their social media sites for details.

Facebook: Read by The Sea

Youtube: Read by The Sea






The Electric Summer Social Tour

The Electric Summer Social Tour is one of five themed campaigns that are part of the 2021-2022 Love For Local - New Brunswick programming. Two ambassadors will visit all 104 municipalities in the province in an electric vehicle and experience local New Brunswick at its sunniest. They will meet with local entrepreneurs, participate in various events this summer, and have the entire province follow their adventures on social media!

On June 23rd it was offically launched, with its ambassadors Mylne Thriault and Jason Gallant, that will be documenting it all on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Tiktok!

Facebook: Love for Local

Instagram: @love.forlocalnb





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