[EDIT] Presents: Salt and Ash Beach House on the Halifax Waterfront

[EDIT] Presents: Salt and Ash Beach House on the Halifax Waterfront

[EDIT] + ACC presents...Salt and Ash Beach House on the Halifax Waterfront: Wood-Fired Gastronomic Greatness on the Halifax Waterfront.

A Film by Unbound Media

Salt + Ash Beach House, the newest addition to the Queen's Marque district in Halifax. Nova Scotia is a welcoming retreat that marries familiar coastal fare and live-fire cooking. The 154-seat eatery boasts stunning views of the Halifax harbour while offering traditional cooking techniques that meet a fresh and forward-thinking approach to dining out. 

For Chef Kayla Nelson, who moved from Ontario to lead the kitchen, developing her wood-fired culinary craft was a chance for her to meld her love for the outdoors and cuisine. As a newcomer to Halifax, she is enjoying the easy access to the nearby lakes and trails: they offer a welcome reprieve from her busy life. “I was never a big-city person but, as an ambitious chef, I knew that this is where the opportunities are,” Nelson tells [EDIT]. “I once worked in a town of eight hundred people in England, and I loved it. More and more people are discovering cooking outdoors, whether that be over an open fire or building their own pizza ovens. And we are seeing more of that here too; the culinary journey of Nova Scotia is experiencing an upward trend, and it’s great to be a part of that.”

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Salt + Ash 170-1741 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS


Instagram: @saltash.hfx

A Film by Unbound Media Inc. unboundmedia.co

For more information visit: www.atlanticchamber.ca

Produced by Edit Media in conjunction with the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

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