[EDIT] Presents: East Coast Lifestyle: The Inside Story with Alex MacLean

[EDIT] Presents: East Coast Lifestyle: The Inside Story with Alex MacLean

Meet Alex MacLean: The Man Behind one of Atlantic Canada’s Most Iconic Brands

Alex MacLean, the founder and chief executive officer of iconic Atlantic Canadian brand East Coast Lifestyle, has become one of the most well-known and acclaimed entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. Founded in 2013 as an entrepreneurship project at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, East Coast Lifestyle has grown consistently and rapidly in the 10 years since. What started with 30 hoodies has become one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands in the country, now including a full apparel line, hockey and fitness gear, alcoholic beverages and potato chips. MacLean has been the CEO since day one, and he and the company have fostered a loyal following at home, across the country and around the world, earning celebrity fans like Sidney Crosby and Ed Sheeran.

Through hard work and marketing savvy, he has led a loyal, smart and committed team to new heights year after year, and he has been celebrated with numerous awards and in December 2022, Premier Tim Houston awarded him the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal in a groundbreaking ceremony. It’s been an amazing run for the man and the brand. To honour the 10th anniversary of East Coast Lifestyle, James Mullinger travelled to MacLean’s home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to discuss his personal highlights for the first decade and the lessons learned, and to hear his advice for other entrepreneurs and all about the recently announced plans for the East Coast Lifestyle flagship headquarters.

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Directed by: Adam Lordon
Cinematography by Tyler Warren Ellis
Cameras: Nick LeBlanc, Jeff Miller, Mathieu Savidant
Produced by: Pamela Mullinger
Interview by James Mullinger

Produced by Edit Media in conjunction with the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

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