Tracy and Rory Bell for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 18

October 18 2021
FROZEN IS THE NEW FRESH by Jennifer Wood  |  Photographs by David Gainforth and Kelly Lawson Owned and operated in Sa...

Chief Mi’sel Joe for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 18

September 06 2021

The Journey To Prosperity

by Morgan Leet  |  Photographs by Ritche Perez

The inspiring story of Chief Mi’sel Joe and the transformation of Miawpukek First Nation

Along the bank of the idyllic Conne River sits the Miawpukek First Nation, far from the main centres of Newfoundland and Labrador. In the early 1960s, the small community was isolated from the rest of the province, unacknowledged as a First Nation reserve, written out of government treaties, and living off the land. It was at that time that 16-year-old Mi’sel Joe left to find work in Nova Scotia.

Shawn Smith for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 16

August 23 2021

Kelly Mansell for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 17

July 14 2021

Atelier Tony for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 17

July 12 2021

Sanaz Shirshekar for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 9

May 04 2021

Devine Architecture 

by James Mullinger

James Mullinger interviews Ontario-born, Quebec-trained and New York-career architect Sanaz Shirshekar on moving to New Brunswick and doing her most personal work to date. 

The Petitcodiac Baptist congregation has been a vital and vibrant part of this southern New Brunswick, Westmorland County community for 182 years. Built in 1879, its church building was a majestic example of Gothic Revival architecture. Originally built on Renfrew Street, it was relocated to the corner of Old Post Road and Renfrew Street in 1910, where it served as the very heart of congregational life for the people of this tight-knit community. Pastor David Woodworth, at the helm since July 2011, welcomed over 200 people to the Sunday-morning worship services. Even more people used the space for workshops, family gatherings, parties, classes and other vital activities. 

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Zina Aljaratli for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 16

March 29 2021

A Surreal Start-Up

by James Mullinger

How Zina Aljaratli found peace, a new home and business success in Moncton, New Brunswick

Zina Aljaratli, the founder of Surreal Design Studio, is a passionate graphic creator who loves to integrate the story behind the project she’s working on into the design she creates. She enjoys listening to and learning about people’s experiences and then incorporating this knowledge into a bespoke design that serves the vision of the client and improves their business.

This ambitious entrepreneur spent 12 years working between the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe, acquiring unique interpersonal skills and a global understanding of different cultures and tastes.

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Sarah Conley for [EDIT] magazine, Volume 16

March 29 2021

The Fairytale of Ticklebelly Hill

by Morgan Leet

Atop a hill in southern New Brunswick sprawls scenic farmland. The red post-and-beam barn within the scene is 150 years old, still intact and true to its history but enhanced by modern touches.

It is surrounded by greenery and wildflowers — and salty air from the close-by ocean. Inside the barn the warm lighting, modern decor and statement chandelier all work to create a one-of-a-kind wedding venue, Ticklebelly Hill. Just a short drive away from the historic and popular tourist destination of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, this magical venue is the brainchild of owner Sarah Conley.

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EPOCH Coffee for EDIT magazine, Volume 15

March 10 2021

Shauna Cole for EDIT magazine, Volume 15

March 10 2021

Marcus Gosse for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 15

March 01 2021

The Newfoundland Mi'kmaq artist on seeking Mi'kmaq enlightenment.

by Jennifer Wood

After thousands of hours of studying his Mi’kmaq heritage and refining his craft, landscape artist Marcus Gosse has developed the signature stamp that can be found in his many creations. He integrates four components — Mi'kmaq petroglyphs and hieroglyphs, the ancient Mi'kmaq star, and various double-curve designs — into his work. His contemporaries, art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world know his work when they see it. The phrase “Oh, that's a Marcus Gosse" is telling of his success.

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Rhys Waters and Jonathan Burns for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 15

January 11 2021

Atlantic Pod

by James Mullinger

It was a walk along the Halifax waterfront in the spring of 2019 that forever changed the lives of British-born Rhys Waters and Nova Scotian Jonathan Burns.

They shared an outlook, a passion for podcasting, and the notion that this was the right time and right place to launch Podstarter.

And that is how the company was born in June 2019. Podstarter uses podcasting content to break through the marketing clutter to connect with people. Now one of Canada’s leading podcast-production companies, they create shows for some of the biggest global companies as well as producing podcasts that are some of Canada’s most listened to internationally. 

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Nitasha Goel for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 15

January 06 2021

The Cure

by Morgan Leet

How Toronto’s Nitasha Goel Relaunched Her Thriving Apothecary Business in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Entrepreneur and apothecarist Nitasha Goel knew she needed a change.

She had a good life in Toronto, and her business was doing well, but in 2019 she left the big city behind to move to Hubbards, Nova Scotia. She now lives there happily (with her husband Steve and their beloved dog, Roti), continuing her career and building her business.

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Chef Chris Aerni for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 14

September 10 2020

From Farm To Table

by James Mullinger 

James Mullinger meets internationally recognized chef Chris Aerni and one of Atlantic Canada's aquaculture pioneers, dr. Steven Backman to learn why they are passionate about Atlantic Canada and its locally farmed salmon. 

Atlantic Canada is known for its friendly people, beautiful views and world-class seafood. If there is one person in the region who is an undisputed expert on delicious seafood, it is Chris Aerni, the proprietor and owner of the Rossmount Inn in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. The inn boasts a restaurant that is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, thanks in no small part to Aerni’s unique and famous dishes using fresh premium Atlantic farmed salmon.

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Bob Osborne for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 14

September 10 2020

Top Of The Hill 
From Connecticut To Corn Hill
by Shelley Egan 

As co-owner of Corn Hill Nursery, Bob Osborne carries out community projects annually, but the 2015 project remains close to his heart. A teacher raising money for an outdoor classroom has approached him and others. Her vision dovetailed with his conviction that children should learn about the natural environment. 

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Robert Maillet for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 14

September 10 2020

The Acadian Giant 

by Andrew Nickerson

Andrew Nickerson meets New Brunswick's Hollywood Star, Robert Maillet

Robert Maillet grew up in the small community of Sainte-Marie-de-Kent. The size of his hometown is the only thing small about him. Whether it be his sevenfoot frame and imposing physical stature or the large entertainment platforms he has been a part of for almost 25 years, he certainly does not fit the profile of the small-town Maritimes most of us think of. I was glad to have the opportunity to talk to him about having success in both professional wrestling and the acting career that followed.

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Travis Lindsay for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 14

September 10 2020

What I Know: Say It Out Loud

by Travis Lindsay

Travis Lindsay is the most prolific writer in East Coast comedy. He has been captivating audiences with his great mix of jokes and storytelling since the early age of 16. Lindsay was named Best Nova Scotia Comedian on Bell TV’s Comedy Boot Camp in 2016, and then went on to win at CBC’s Hubcap Comedy Festival, which was heard on Sirius XM,. He has appeared on CBC and at the Halifax Comedy Festival, and he hosted the 2020 African Nova Scotian Artist Showcase and Awards. He recently released his debut album, The Kid is Alright, which went to number one on iTunes comedy charts.

You may have noticed the world’s a weird place right now. Between a global pandemic and the loudest cries for equality in quite some time, my job as a comedian and my responsibilities as a Black man are colliding like never before.

My name is Travis Lindsay, and this is what I know.

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Catherine Bruhier for [EDIT] Magazine, Volume 14

September 10 2020

Belize, Saint John, Hollywood

by Jennifer Wood

Catherine Bruhier On Turning Her Passion Into A Career

Actor, director, producer, writer and filmmaker Catherine Bruhier has crafted a diverse and incredibly successful stage, film and television career in Canada and the United States, where she has acted alongside some of the industry’s most celebrated, including Eric McCormack and Viola Davis. She served as co-host for the globally televised children’s program Polka Dot Door and played an integral role in Due South.

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